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PENG lashes gives you the ultimate baddie but classy look! Our lashes are of exceptional quality, layered and are vegan! Each style features a clear, weightless band that provides a barely-there feel so you can get the full volume extensions look without breaking the bank and you don’t ever have to worry about that stage where your lashes fall of and it’s just weird … yes sis we’ve all been there!

Founder’s vision:

“I absolutely love my Peng lashes, the past few months prior to our launch I wore them in almost all my tiktok videos and people loved them! I would get asked where I get my lashes done as well in person as people often assume they are extensions due to the clear and thin band.”

- Fatima Abdul Salam 


  • Reusable 
  • Hypollergenic Weightless band
  • Clear lash band
  • Faux mink fibers
  • Layered lashes 
  • Consciously made
  • Vegan
  • Hand made 
  • Cruelty-free

How to use: 

Optional step: Trim your lashes to fit your eye size. Start at the outer corner and trim in small sections you can remove more if needed. 

Apply a thin layer of lash glue to the lash band and wait 15-30 seconds until the glue becomes tacky, ensuring your lashes adhere to your lash line without sliding around.

Special pro tip: 

  • As our bands are thin and weightless before and after you put glue, try to arch them according to your eye shape; this way, it is easier to put them on! 
  • Look down into a mirror when applying your lashes. This will help you get the strip super close to your lash line, giving it an extension effect without breaking the bank! 
  • When finished wearing your set, gently remove lashes & wipe any remaining glue off the lash band with a cotton swab and makeup remover. Proper removal and care will ensure lashes can be re-worn multiple times.